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X Marks the Bökship is moving to Matt’s Gallery for 6 months, opening a small bookshop and project space in the gallery foyer. The Bökship will be open on Thursdays and Fridays and evenings for events over the summer and throughout the autumn REVOLVER II exhibition.

REVOLVER II is a curatorial collaboration between Robin Klassnik and Professor Michael Newman. Beginning in September 2014, the exhibition will comprise a three-part show to investigate the manifestation of knowledge in relation to artists who work with or reference text and publishing.



Wednesday 10 September, 7pm
‘I’ve never read her’ book club reading: 
Faces in the Crowd by Valeria Luiselli
Published by Granta Books, 2012

For September 2014 we will be reading Faces in the Crowd by Valeria Luiselli.

Valeria Luiselli was born in Mexico City in 1983. Her novels and essays have been widely translated and work has been published in magazines and newspapers including the New York Times, Review, Granta, and Internazionale. Faces in the Crowd is her first novel.

Faces in the Crowd interweaves the stories of a young mother taking care of her children in Mexico City; a younger translator living in Harlem and occasionally sleeping in other people’s apartments; and, several decades before, the letters and thoughts of the poet Gilberto Owen living in Philadelphia and travelling up to New York City to see his children and ex-wife. Each strand is told in the first person, and the three voices entwine and blur. Owen sees a young woman in a red coat through the window of a subway car, which echoes another narrator’s red coat. It’s never entirely clear if the young translator is a younger version of the mother in New Mexico, or someone leading a parallel life. And increasingly, the paragraph-long sections can’t be easily attributed to one narrator or another. All three speakers merge into a nuanced chorus of wishes and regrets, visions and hopes.

I’VE NEVER READ HER is a book club based in East London.  We read short fiction & essays by women, every second Wednesday of the month. Bring a bottle (or not) and your thoughts. Everybody is welcome. We also host screenings and events around the texts that we read. http://iveneverreadher.wordpress.com/

Wednesday 8 October, 7pm
Sophia al Maria - The Girl Who Fell to Earth

Wednesday 12 November
Hito Steyrl - In Defense of Poor Image

Wednesday 10 December, 7pm
Caryl Churchill - Cloud 9


Recent Events

Saturday 21 June 2014, 7 – 9pm
Launch of Operation Paperclip by Patrick Goddard

The first trailer event for REVOLVER II is the book launch of Operation Paperclip is the debut graphic novel by artist Patrick Goddard, a self published black comedy about identity politics, free will and anarcho-individualism. The novel will be launched with a commissioned text by Naomi Pearce and a debut of a new performance work by Goddard.


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Sunday 6 July 2014, 4 – 8pm
Unsettled By And Open To
Shady Dealings with Language, London


Unsettled By and Open To gestures toward research led arts practice and celebrates the emergent, unexpected and the unruly by inviting presentations from artist writers; Emma Bolland, Neil Chapman, Linda Stupart and Nathan Walker.

In Pure Means, Yve Lomax considers the moment an action is somehow interrupted and the possibility of experiencing pure means arises – the very gesture of gesture. To illustrate, Lomax invites the reader to imagine an actor whose acting is doing everything to show the means of acting, and moreover, to show it is the means that are being shown. Pure Means demonstrates and explores these philosophical potentials through a poetry of terminology, ideas of subjectification and forms of government, and the figure of the author. 

We too want our effect and affect tight together. We seek a writing that affirms the affective, the somatic, while accounting for the analytic; a writing that moves toward a true politic.

Through a focused Sunday afternoon session of newly commissioned works and presentations, we invite you to make room for durational speech works, demonstrations and embodied critiques, installations of text and image, talks, discussions, food and drink.


Thursday 14 August 2014, 6.30 - 8.30pm

The event will feature a live performance by the artist Tom Barnett. 

For his live performances the artist TOM BARNETT adopts the persona of COLDEN DRYSTONE. Incorporating the recital of poetry and found texts (in this case drawn from the content of The White Review), Dada-esque sound pieces of the artist's own composition and patterns of repetition and feedback created on guitar, drum, radio, a live internet feed, vocals and a loop pedal, the works accumulate rhythms and repetitions from which emerge patterns of sound and language. In the course of these live actions he applies nails, spray-paints and clay to a wooden board, which survives the event as an abstract documentation of the event. The performance will last around 20 minutes, and begin at 7.30pm. 


X Marks the Bökship
^ Matt’s Gallery
42 – 44 Copperfield Road
Mile End
London E3 4RR


Other News

The XARCHIVE is in Arnhem, NL
June - October 2014


The XARCHIVE is collection of books that were launched at X Marks the Bokship between 2008 – 2014. They have been lent to the library at Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem, NL. http://www.werkplaatstypografie.org