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IMT Gallery and X Marks the Bökship present…
A new performance by Clare Gasson

Thursday 17 April 2014, 7 - 9pm
The performance begins promptly at 8pm


Clare Gasson's The River, performed at the South London Gallery, 2011

"To and for AT /October 2013/the seed in the chain of thoughts/calling up the spirit of the infinite /endless/equations/renamed March 2014" 2014


as an explanation of sorts //a low rumble/sextet/ stop/ and/ start/ the voids strengthening/ negative becoming/positive/sixty minutes beyond twilight/the nature of it /drawings/research//essay found in a corner/the back /of a public space of deep shadows/ a spotlight shining/six pages on black/through the glass/offering back a lifeline/time //of work.

As part of the show Shaken from the Sky at IMT Gallery Clare Gasson has made a new performance based on a short essay by Alan Turing. Shaken from the Sky was curated by NaoKo TakaHashi, featuring work by Clare Gasson alongside Rowena Hughes, Patricia Pinsker and NaoKo TakaHashi. The exhibition will be open late to coincide with the performance.


Friday 18 April 2014, 7 – 9pm
Launch of E.R.O.S Journal, MAN


Join us on Good Friday to celebrate the publication of MAN, the fifth issue of E.R.O.S.

Readings by Jamie Sutcliffe and Sami Jalili

John Baldessari
Sami Jalili
Federico Campagna
Emma Jones
Mark Fisher
Sharon Kivland
Ed Atkins
Patrick Staff
Andrew Calimach
Saul Newman
Simon Critchley
AA Bronson
Jamie Sutcliffe
Dan Walwin
Luke Burton
Franco 'Bifo' Berardi
Richard Wentworth


Join EROS on the 26th April for an evening of readings and performances at Senate House Library, from 6.00-7.30pm.
The event is convened by Sami Jalili and Sharon Kivland, with Mura Ghosh.
Read More http://erosjournal.co.uk/product/senate-house-event



Saturday 19 April 2014, 6pm - End.
X, A kiss goodbye
Book launches and party



6pm XAlphabet, 26 Xs by 26 artists
Xavier Antin, Fiona Banner, Anna Barham, Rachel Cattle, Arnaud Desjardin, Roisin Dunne, Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez, Christian Flamm, Marit Gluntzberg, Rebecca Jagoe, Thomas Jeppe, Fraser Muggeridge, Hansjörg Mayer, Sara MacKillop, Ciara Phillips, Harsh Patel, Laure Prouvost, Michalis Pichler, Giles Round, Benjamin Sommalder, Giorgio Sadotti, Nick Thurston, Daniel James Wilkinson, Eva Weinmayr, Lucy Woodhouse, Rahel Zoller.

6pm, Easter X Hunt and Gin and Tonics

7pm, Hato Press Book launches

7.15pm, Launch
 of whipping jumpy squirts by Mark Pawson

7.30pm Launch of Drawings, 16pp, folded sheets by Roland Brauchli

7.45, Launch of Mona Lisa to Marge: How the World's Greatest Artworks Entered Popular Culture by Francesca Bonazzoli and Michele Robecchi, Published by Prestal

8.00pm, Launch of Argos Catalogue, 1976, A project by Sara MacKillop for the Everyday Press.


8.30, Reading by Rebecca Jagoe

8.45pm, Launch of 'Or maybe it's the same for everyone' issue 2. Published by Parvillionary Press

9pm Music and dancing


X, a kiss goodbye

As many of you may now know because of a large rent rise myself and Daniel have to move out of our space at Cambridge Heath Road at the end of April and X Marks the Bökship is closing.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been involved with X Marks the Bökship up to this point, as a publisher, a visitor, a customer or friend. It has been fun.

Thanks also to the Arts Council and to the Elephant Trust for helping with funding for projects and to everyone who has supported the space in kind.

Answers to what am I going to do next are: I don’t know yet, have a little rest, make a book about the Bökship, do some pop ups and projects at other spaces, go on tour. I will keep you up to date.

If you are a publisher and you would like to collect any stock from me before I close get in touch to make arrangements or come and collect it between Thursday 17 – Thursday 24 April. 

With love
Eleanor X

X Marks the Bökship
210 / Unit 3 Cambridge Heath Road
London E2 9NQ



  X Marks the Bökship
210 / Unit 3 Cambridge Heath Road
London E2 9NQ