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Towards a Physiological Novel Publication as Practice

Resources for Independent Art Publishers
Bookworks http://www.bookworks.org.uk/asp/resources.asp?sub=facts
Ooga Booga http://print-resources.tumblr.com/
Artists’ Books: Creative Production and Marketing by Sarah Bodman, Impact Press

Printing processes


Examples of Litho Printers
Aldgate Press http://www.aldgatepress.co.uk/
Short Run Press http://www.shortrunpress.co.uk/
Calverts http://www.calverts.coop/
Die Keure http://www.diekeure.be/
Cassochrome http://www.csc.be/

- Offsetprinting
Web offset

Digital Printing
Ink Jet Printing, Laser Printing, Digital Litho
Examples of digital printers
Solo Press https://www.solopress.com
Pixart Printing https://www.pixartprinting.co.uk
Moore Print http://www.mooreprint.co.uk/
MTA Digital http://www.mtadigital.co.uk/
Short Run Press http://www.shortrunpress.co.uk/

- Print on Demand

Examples of Print on Demand platforms (POD)

Newspaper Club http://www.newspaperclub.com/
And Publishing http://www.andpublishing.org/self-publishing/and-self-publishing/
Blurb http://www.blurb.com/
Lulu http://www.lulu.com/
Scribd http://www.scribd.com/
I Am Self Publishing https://www.iamselfpublishing.com/print-on-demand/



Hato Press http://hatopress.net/1/
Victory Press http://victorypress.co.uk/_1./Home.html
Studio Operative www.studio-operative.co.uk
Two Press Studio http://www.two-press.co.uk/

Screen Printing
Print Club https://printclublondon.com
K2 Screen http://www.k2screen.co.uk

Examples of commercial photocopiers
Service Point http://www.servicepointuk.com/
Kinkos http://www.fedexkinkos.co.uk/
KopyKat http://www.kopykat.co.uk

Craft Printing
Foil blocking
Lino printing

Paper Suppliers
Paperback http://www.paperbackpaper.co.uk
Fenner Paper http://www.fennerpaper.co.uk/
Artic Paper http://www.arcticpaper.com/munken

Book Binders
J M Muir http://www.jmuirbookbindersltd.co.uk
Wyvern Bindery http://www.wyvernbindery.com/
Collis Bird & Withey http://www.thesisbookbinding.co.uk/
City Binders http://www.citybinders.co.uk/
Pixart Printing https://www.pixartprinting.co.uk/printing-magazines-books-catalogues/


How do you send something to print?

Save documents as a PDF

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format used to present documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. This means that a printer can read your document even if it doesn't have the program that you created it in. Each PDF file encapsulates (bundles) a complete description of a fixed-layout flat document, including the text, fonts, graphics, and other information needed to display it. Although not all printers need to recieve work in PDF format it is good practice to save your work in this format. When you chose SAVE AS PDF you will be sent to an option box with a range of options to choose from. If you are sending to print you should select a 'Print Format' with at least 300dpi to ensure there is enough information in the file for a high quality print out.



Communicating with Printers

You often need to fill out a Print Specification to and ask for a Quote
The Magazine Printer http://www.magprint.co.uk/D6727A51.en.aspx

  • type of printing
  • type of paper
  • format
  • size
  • number of pages
  • number of copies
  • type of binding
  • turnaround time
  • cost

You would usually save your file as a PDF and upload to the printers server / drop box / or send using a transfer program such as We Transfer.

Book Registration
Nielsen Book Data http://www.nielsenbookdata.co.uk/controller.php?page=88

Motto Distribution http://www.mottodistribution.com/site/?page_id=33
Central Books http://www.centralbooks.com/
Antenne Books http://www.antennebooks.com/distribution
Art Data http://www.artdata.co.uk/
Anagram http://www.anagrambooks.com

Art Book Shops & Spaces
Motto Distribution http://www.mottodistribution.com/site/
Donlon Books http://www.donlonbooks.com
The Centre des livres d'artistes (cdla) http://cdla.info/en
Printed Matter http://printedmatter.org/
Art Metropole http://www.artmetropole.com/
Florence Loewy http://www.florenceloewy.com/
Bookartbookshop http://www.bookartbookshop.com/
Kalied Editions http://www.kaleideditions.com/
White Columns http://www.whitecolumns.org/
Raven Row http://www.ravenrow.org/
CNEAI http://www.cneai.com/
Koenig Books http://www.serpentinegallery.org/bookshop.html
Art Words http://www.artwords.co.uk/aboutus/index.htm
Pro-QM http://www.pro-qm.de/
Ooga Booga http://www.oogaboogastore.com/
Eastside projects http://www.eastsideprojects.org/
Banner Repeater http://www.bannerrepeater.org/
Luminous Books http://luminousbooks.tumblr.com/
South London Gallery Book Shop http://www.southlondongallery.org/page/801/Shop
The Showroom http://www.theshowroom.org/
Archive Kabinett http://www.archivekabinett.org/
Nieves http://www.nieves.ch/
Book Works http://www.bookworks.org.uk/asp/home3.asp
Publication Studio http://www.publicationstudio.biz/about/
London Centre for Book Arts
TiPiTin http://www.tipitin.com
PrintRoom http://printroom.org
GoodPress http://goodpressgallery.co.uk/information/
Self Publish Be Happy http://www.selfpublishbehappy.com
Tender Books http://tenderbooks.co.uk
Onamatopee http://www.onomatopee.net

Indepndent Book Fairs
Artist Self Publishers (ASP) http://aspfair.uk
OffPrint http://offprint.org
Printed Matter New York Art Book Fair http://nyartbookfair.com/
Three Letter Words http://threeletterwords.org
Index https://www.facebook.com/indexartbookfair/