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Publication as Practice


Tuesday 05 April
The Exhibition of Books
Lecture: 2 hours

A lecture on the presentation and exhibition of artist books in the gallery, bookshops, book fairs, and public and private collections.



Tuesday 12 April
Artists' Book Club
Discussion: 2 hours

We will be discussing the ‘Book’ catalogue published by Eastside Projects, and bookwork projects that feature in it. These include works by Åbäke, Vito Acconci, Tauba Auerbach, Bedford Press, Ulises Carrión, Melissa Dubbin + Aaron S. Davidson, Daniel Eatock, Will Holder, Jeremy Jansen, Kelly Large, Fraser Muggeridge Studio, OK/RM, Simon Starling, Werkplaats Typografie.

As a response to ‘Book’ you will create a piece of work (interpretation, appropriation or perfomance) using a book as source material to present in week 4.


Tuesday 10 May
An Introduction to independent publishing
Lecture: 2 hours followed by 1-1 tutorials on book projects

An overview of small press from production to printing, costing and distribution.


Tuesday 2 May

Presentation of projects and discussion.


Installation by Jukhee Kwon


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London E2 9NQ