The Cast of the Crystal Set

Poster Programme


Publisher of the Month: Test Centre

Vox Box
Marcia Farquhar
Juke Box in the Bookshop

Thursday 18 June
Man Made Structures and The Disembodied Voice 
((( Recording 10 – 4pm)))
Public Talk, 6 – 8pm

Thursday 25 June
HAVE A NO: Spread the Spoken Word
Live Event, 7 – 10pm

Saturday 27 June
Dial Stories
Writing & FM Radio Workshop with sound artist Chris Wood, 12 – 7pm

Tuesday 30 June
Paul Buck's Pressed Curtains Tapes
Test Centre Launch and Listening Event, 7 – 9pm


Publisher of the Month:
Drawing Room Confessions

Saturday 4 July
Drawing Room Confessions
Live Listening Event, 5 – 8pm

Monday 6 –  8 July
Jenny Moore
((( Recording )))

Wednesday 8 July
“You can't win them all, ladies and gentlemen: Quality”
Jenny Moore & Guests
Live Radio Show, 7.30pm

Wednesday 15 – Saturday 18 July
Bookable Studio Sessions
((( Recording )))
Wednesday 15 July, 10 – 1pm
Wednesday 15 July, 2 – 5pm
Thursday 16 July, 10 – 1pm
Thursday 16 July, 2 – 5pm
Friday 17 July,10 – 1pm
Friday 17 July, 2 – 5pm
Saturday 18 July, 10 – 1pm
Saturday 18 July, 2 – 5pm

Monday 20 – Friday 24 July
Typography Summer School

Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 July
DJ Workshop for Women
Workshop with Maria Guggenbichler & Amal Alhaag


Publisher of the Month: Sinkhole

Saturday 1 August
Super Woofer
Sound Fair & Summer Party

((( Recording )))
James Langdon





One-day Sound Fair and Summer Party
Saturday 1 August 2015, 1pm - 11pm

Keith Harrison, Plastique Fanstastique, Benedict Drew, Marcia Farquhar, Leo Chadburn, Mikatsiu, John Lawrence, Daniela Cascella, Robert Pratt, Cesura // Acceso, Erinyes, Flange Zoo, Matt Copson, 38b, Exploit.zzxjoanw.Gen, Girolamo Marri, Drawing Room Confessions, Sonic Imperfections, Trestle Records, Daata Editions, Matt's Gallery, Consumer Waste, Editions of You, Top Nice, DISFIGMENT/BANKRUPSEA, The Cast of the Crystal Set, Dancehall, Sinkhole, Lost Toy Records, WE, & more tbc.

SUPER WOOFER sound fair has invited artists and audio publishers to have stalls for selling and displaying analogue and digital audio works; tapes, CDs, vinyl, USB, MP3, books, zines and merchandise, alongside a day of talks and listening events.

The sound fair will take place between 1pm – 8pm with the performances and summer party continuing between 8pm – 11pm.



x Cesura // Acceso Cesura//Acceso is a journal for Music, Politics and Poetics.
x Consumer Waste Consumer Waste is a low-impact imprint for the publication of contemporary experimental music.
x Daata Editions Daata Editions is an online platform for the sale of artist commissioned video, sound and web art editions.
x Dancehall Dancehall is a D.I.Y journal of exploratory sound and music, produced by Psykick Dancehall.
x DISFIGMENT/BANKRUPSEA DISFIGMENT/BANKRUPSEA is the imprint for release of materials (texts, noises, ephemera) by poet, performance and sound artist Robin Bale.
x Editions of You Editions of You celebrates and showcases self-publishing and self-releasing musicians and the handmade editions and releases they create.
x Erinyes Erinyes is a Sound Art Collective of Woman Artists.
x Exploit.zzxjoanw.Gen Exploit.zzxjoanw.Gen contains music and sound-works, sonic fictions by artists who in various ways, and to differing degrees generate worlds and narratives consonant with the genre of speculative writing, science-fiction.
x Flange Zoo A troop of Musical Mythical Animals summoning improvised sounds from beyond the Flange!
x Lost Toy Records A record label specialising in the end game of popular music. Run by the Grubby Mitts.
x Matt's Gallery Matt's Gallery is a contemporary art space and publisher.
x Sinkhole Sinkhole is an online publishing project for audio recordings by artists.
x Sonic Imperfections South London's leading experimental music night. 
x Top Nice TOP NICE is a creative ensemble based in Stockholm and London, producing festivals, exhibitions and club nights.
x Trestle Records Trestle records is a record label dedicated to putting out new instrumental music ranging from electronic to classical, pop to musique concrete. 
x 38b 38b is an occasional series of exhibitions and events programmed by Luke Drozd and Eva Rowson in their flat at 38b Peckham Rye.
x WE More an experiment into the limits of pop than a band, songs about 'me' and 'you' become songs about 'us', intimacy becomes a form of collective action and the unique universal. 




_____________________________GALLERY 1___________________________

Sound Fair Opens

Drawing Room Confessions
Jason Dodge and the Double Dealer

An audio recording of the transcript between Jason Dodge and the Double Dealer
(Matthew Dickman) with footnotes. Recorded by Peter Meanwell in The Crystal Set.

Drawing Room Confessions is a printed journal named after a parlour game played by Marcel Proust, the Surrealists and others. Each book from the series uses exchanges and playful games to create a unique portrait of an individual artist.

Dane Sutherland
Dank Enlightenment

Dredge-core enthusiasms and ribofunk erotics tethered to an ecstatic slime-vector of anabolism.

Dane Sutherland is a curator, writer, and a pessimist LOL-bot currently based in Scotland.

Daata Editions presents
Matt Copson
Moralise The Masses 

Matt Copson is Reynard Incarnate. A new performance featuring a live monologue set to musical accompaniment. Expect lascivious sax and lots of shouting.

Matt Copson is a multi-disciplinary artist whose empathy knows no bounds.

Daata Editions is an online platform for the sale of artist commissioned video, sound and web art editions, designed specifically to be a native platform to a new generation of artists who work with moving image and sound. For Season One, Daata Editions has commissioned 18 artists to create six new artworks each, which are available for sale on the website in editions of 15. Artists include: Ilit Azoulay, Helen Benigson, David Blandy, Matt Copson, Ed Fornieles, Leo Gabin, Daniel Keller & Martti Kalliala, Lina Lapelyte, Rachel Maclean, Florian Meisenberg, Takeshi Murata, Hannah Perry, Jon Rafman, Charles Richardson, Amalia Ulman, Stephen Vitiello, Chloe Wise.

Leo Chadburn
A Folk Song Collection

Leo Chadburn performs experimental Irish composer Jennifer Walshe's "A Folk Song Collection:" 30 miniature power ballads performed in 9 minutes, based on overheard conversations and absurd everyday speech.

Leo Chadburn (AKA Simon Bookish) is a composer and vocalist, whose work straddles the borders of left-field pop and experimental classical music, including collaborations with Matt's Gallery artists Jennet Thomas and Richard Grayson.

Daniela Cascella
FMRL, a readingmurmur

Layered readings from the book F.M.R.L. Footnotes, Mirages, Refrains and Leftovers of Writing Sound.

Daniella Cascella's writing is prompted by the accidents and interferences between words and sounds. 

Sound Fair Ends

Keith Harrison
Moon: a public demonstration

A clay replica of Keith Moon's drum kit recreating the moment it was exploded live on American TV in 1967 at the end of a performance of 'My Generation' by The Who on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.




Marcia Farquhar
Vox Box

Marcia will present Vox Box, a spoken word Rowe Ami Juke Box housing an evolving collection of 7” vinyl records of audio interviews between herself and artists and performers active in the 70s including Judy Clark, Stuart Brisley and Anne Bean.

‘Marcia Farquhar has been based at Acme Studios, in the archive of the Acme Gallery, working on a 1977 jukebox of repurposed histories. She has been engaged in practices of archival research that depart from the scholarly conventions that govern the use of archives.’
Dr Dominic Johnson, Queen Mary College


__________________________GALLERY 2__________________________

Playlist 2 

Playlist 2 includes new audio pieces by Jenna Bliss, Jenna Collins, Marina Elderton, Hannah Catherine Jones, Adrianna Palazzolo, Diana Policarpo, Cara Tolmie and Nicola Woodham. The works have been compiled back-to-back on a playlist, to prioritise collective listening, over discussion.

Erinyes is a collective of women artists investigating a range of aspects of sound, in relation to space, atmosphere and absence of the image. Erinyes acts as a platform to bring together artists to explore a variety of approaches of multi-vocality, rhythm, time, formal and informal speech, narrative and noise, used both as material and inspiration.

Girolamo Marri
Girolamo Marri plays his favourite record

Girolamo Marri will introduce the audience to a record that holds a special place in his heart.

Artist Girolamo Marri establishes connections based less on communication than on miscommunication, and uses absurd humour, fractured language and play on expectations to explore our way of interpreting reality. 

Danny Hayward for Cesura//Acceso
A series of post-political fits and tremors seguing into a medley of pre-political groans and hisses. 

Danny Hayward is a poet incorporated in London. 

Flange Zoo

An improvisation by these pandimensional entities channeling the supermassive black hole at the heart of all. 

These musical mythical animals first manifest on this tiny blue sphere in 1st April 2012. Crypto-zoological fiends with multi-effects, stylophone, theremin, mini-korg, hand-designed ‘Tube-Fox’ Didgeridoo, and other amplified interferences.
Flange Zoo are Tiger Gnome (Calum F. Kerr), Lotan the Destroyer (Phillip Raymond Goodman), Kitsune Tsukai (Miyuki Kasahara).  

Robert Pratt

"Schuld" means debt/fault/blame. If you are in debt / to blame ("schuldig") you have to get ...
Basically get out of it. So "ent-schuld-igen" is getting out of it. 
If you hit someone, you are to blame and you can't get "entschuldigen" yourself, you have to ask for "Entschuldigung" (Noun, "um Entschuldigung bitten"). 
To some very very sensitive people it may appear rude to say "Entschuldigung." 
("Sorry") to un-blame yourself, instead of asking for it from the one who blames you. 
Most people don't even notice the difference. 
In daily life, it doesn't really matter.

Ballet Avital

An amplified solo cello improvisation accompanied by some 21st century musique concrète.

Mikatsiu is a cellist, writer, artist & editor who likes to compose riddles, currently residing on planet earth.

John Lawrence
The Olympus Test

The Olympus E-FM1 HD video camera's ability to deal with common issues such as striping, water motion and colour bleed are assessed via an online camcorder website's bespoke testing rig.

Edited by the artist this raw footage becomes a form of 'banal tension', talking both of cinema's ability to manipulate, and reminding us of our own embodied, physical experience of digital technologies. Sound design by Tim Eve.

John Lawrence is a London-based artist working across a range of mediums and approaches whose work deals with our contemporary, mediated experience. Alongside his practice he organises After/Hours/Drop/Box - a commissioning platform for collaborative projects at the intersection of music, video and live performance.

Plastique Fantastique
Folk Feedback Loops for A.I.s to tell their children.

The performance will present tales of phylogenetic and ontogenetic units, Extropians, Block Chains and High Frequency Traders through sound loops and film.

On August 1, Plastique Fantastique will be channeled by David Burrows, Alex Marzeta and Vanessa Page.


Benedict Drew


Photos by Mike Brown, Calum F Kerr, Robin Klasnik

X Marks the Bökship

^ Matt’s Gallery
42 – 44 Copperfield Road
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