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Workshops and Student Publishing Projects

Talks and workshops on artists' books, documenting artwork, editing content, printing and production, distribution, independent publishing and publishing as an alternative space for art.


Material Motifs
MDX Art Direction Print Class, BA Fashion Communication, 2016
4 x sessions. Tuesdays 4.30 - 6.30pm, November 2016

Students created a design motif to test a range of print processes and design techniques over the four weeks giving them confindence and experience to produce physical research material and to learn how to send things to print.
- You will each be given a work book that you can use as a canvas to build up a sample book of different print and finishing processes. You can draw, copy, collage, stamp, stencil, laser cut, oveprint in this book, cut it up, reformat it, and rebind it as you wish. On week three you will each select a page from your book to convert into a digital PDF to contribute to a collective sample book that we will send to be digitally printed and then customised using your motif.

End Matter
CSM BA Fine Art (3D)

This publication project is designed to help you think of your research work and studio practice as material you can bring together to create an overall representation of your artistic practice.
In 2015 artist Katrina Palmer produced a book called ‘End Matter’ commissioned by Artangel and BBC Radio 4 and part of her residency in a quarry in Portland, Dorset. Her proposal for the book, that was also recorded as a radio play for Radio 4 was this: ‘I will compose a text solely comprised of end matter such as an epilogue, a postscript, an afterword, some addenda, or appendices etc. The shadowy quality of the work’s documentary vestiges will act as a memo to the missing body of the book.’ Katrina Palmer, End Matter, Published by Bookworks 2015.
Documentation of an artwork or project may happen because the work is no longer there, it is missing, in the past, or in storage, or now belongs to somebody else. The finished work is often the result of a period of research and experimentation, of thought processes, of conversations, of plans, of failures. This material often exists independently of the finished work but if used creatively can be used create a shape or backstory around the missing work and used to communicate the ideas of your artistic practice. Use this excise to help your break down a piece of work into material you can use as end matter for your publication.


Post Internet Cafe
Print Room, Rotterdam
15 July - 10 September 2016


Feed. Postcard and Rubber Stamp Workshop. PrintRoom
Saturday 16 July, 2 - 5pm
Write a postcard with 140 characters about the weather. Print a postcard from a Facebook post. Share it with our mailing list. Post a postcard of your lunch. Send it to someone you’ve never met.


Unseen Magazine
LCC BA Magazine Journalism and Publishing
Art, Design, Production Module (17 weeks) January - May 2015

For this 8-week project, you will collectively design, edit and publish a small magazine. Each student will be allocated a role within the publication as journalist, editor, designer, publisher etc.
You will collectively research ideas for the magazine and commission written and visual articles that will be edited and designed by the team. Each session will start at 10am with a publisher’s meeting to plan content and allocate workload for each session.


Workshop with Fraser Muggeridge for Prof. Andrea Rauschenbusch at Hochschule für Künste / University of the Arts Bremen, Germany
Wednesday 4 – 6 November 2015

This 3-day workshop starts with the ideas behind artist books by Ed Ruscha and the many appropriations or homages they have inspired since the 1960s.

You will be introduced to the small photo-conceptual artist books, among them Twenty-six Gas Stations, Various Small Fires, Every Building on the Sunset Strip, Thirty four Parking Lots and asked to compile your own collection of images or texts and edit them to create an artist book with a typographic cover. The workshop covers concepts of artists’ books, collation, editing, design and typography and printing and production.

You are required to make a single copy of a book that follows on from the idea of a Ruscha
appropriation. Please choose a subject and work through how this can be expanded. Your book must have pages and be bound in some way with a typographical cover.


'Every Printing Resource in HFK'
Collect an example from every printing device in your area. Be imaginative. This could include reciepts, laser cutters or stamps. Don't be afraid to knock on a door and ask the technician or staff for a print sample. Write clearly on the front of the lower right-hand side of each sample the name of the printing process and its location.
e.g. Ricoh Colour Photocopier, 2nd Floor Design Block
Bring your selection back to class for a discussion.

Book Test: Distribution Workshop
Royal College of Art. MA Visual Communication.
December 2014
One day workshop exploring alternative channels of distribution.

‘Everyone for Themselves’
Central St Martins. BA Fine Art 3D.
November 2014
Two day digital documentation workshop and interactive USB publication.



May – June 2014

Birmingham University. BA Art and Desig.n
‘Margaret’. BA Catalogue Publication Project. Download PDF.
Edited by BCU students and Eleanor Vonne Brown and designed by An Endless Supply


June 2014

Central St Martins. BA Fine Art. Recent Graduates.
‘Invite Only’ Four day printed matter and social media workshop on creating promotional matertial for events and exhibitions.


May 2014

Leeds Met University. BA Fine Art
Mail-Art and one page publication workshop.


April 2014
Central St Martins. BA Fine Art 3D Pathway.
‘Salt’ Newspaper. Publication project. Download PDF.
Three day collaborative newspaper workshop editing and producing 'SALT'. A local newspaper by unlocal people. 16pp Printed with the Newspaper Club. Distributed around Whitstable.


March 2014
Kingston College of Arts. MA Fine Art.
'Flat White Wall Machine'
Four day Printing Workshop working towards publication assembly and launch.


February – March 2014
Goldsmiths College. MA Art Writing.
‘Optics of Writing’
Three day Workshop on Reading, Writing and Delivery.


June 2013
Central St Martins BA Fine Art. Recent Graduates.
Not a Catalogue, Four Day Workshop producing printed matter to document an individal artwork, then collated to form a collective publication as an alternative to a catalogue.


The Exhibition of Books, Camberwell MA Book Arts

x'This Book is a Classroom' Launch event at X Marks the Bokship

Visiting Lecturer

CSM BA Fine Art, 2016
Slade BA Fine Art, 2016
Bournemouth BA Fine Art, 2016
CSM BA Fine Art, 2015
Camberwell BA Graphic Design, 2015
Middlesex BA Fashion Communication, 2015
Kingston MA Fine Art, 2015
Ravesnbourne BA Graphic Design, 2016
Reading Univerity, MA Fine Art, 2014
Werkplaats Typographie, 2014
Camberwell College, BA Graphic Design, 2014
Central St Martins, BA Fine Art. 2014
Middleselsex University, BA Fashion Communication, 2014
Leeds University, BA Fine Art, 2014
CSM BA Fine Art
, 2013
Birmingham City University BA Illustration, 2013
Werkplaats Typographie, MA Graphic design, 2013
Eastside Projects, / BCU BA Art and Design, 2013
LCC BA Photography, 2012, 2013, 2014
LCC BA Graphic design, 2011
LCC BA Sound art, 2011
Camberwell MA Book Arts, 2011
Leeds Met, BA Fine Art, 2012
School of Everything, Publishing, 2011

Talks and Panels

Zines and Scenes, Rupert Education Program, Vilnius 2015

Publishing as Practice, Miss Read, The Berlin Book Fair
10 - 12 June 2016
Panel Presentations chaired by Eleanor Vonne Brown, featuring Hannes Bajoh, Annette Gilbert
Michalis Pichle, Pia Christmann & Ann Richter, Eva Weinmayr.

Towards a New Publishing House, ICA
17 June 2016
What is it to be published today? How can we go about setting up a publishing organisation? For what purpose? With what means? With Arnaud Desjardin for Kingston Unuvestity.

Melbourne Art Book Fair: International Symposium on The Art of Independent Publishing
Saturday 2 May 2015, 2pm
Keynote guest of the 2017 Melbourne Art Book Fair at the National Gallery of Victoria; Stuart Bailey, Helen Hughes, Ziga Testen and Eleanor Vonne Brown
The first International Symposium on the Art of Independent Publishing will investigate the contribution that independent publishing can make to the future of the cultural sector.

Publication as Practice
A short course on concepts of artists’ publications
12 talks 2010 / 8 talks 2014
This talk series by artists, writers, designers and publishers covers a range of concepts behind artist books and experimental publications. Speakers include Simon Morris (Information as Material), James Langdon, Nicole Bachmann and Ruth Beale (Performance as Publishing), FormContent, Jaroslaw Kozlowski, Sophie Demay & Charlotte Cheetham.


Talk Topics

Zine and Scenes
Independent publishing
Publication as Practice
Exhibiting Books
Artists’ newspapers
How to publish your own book
Rereading uncreative writing
From the page to the stage
Finding a place for your work to exist


Reading groups

Goldsmiths MA Art Writing
Publishing Forum Reading Group


Student visits to X Marks the Bökship

LCC BA Photography
Preston BA Photography
Kingston MA Fine art
Kingston MA Photography
RCA MA Printmaking
Fachklasse Grafik Luzern, BA Graphic design
Camberwell MA Book arts

Student exhibitions and book launches at X Marks the Bökship

Camberwell MA Book Art

CSM Fine Art
Kingston MA Fine Art
Slade BA Fine Art
RCA MA Curating
Kingston University Contemporary Art Research Centre

x19 Pages, Kingston MFA, May 2013

Print Workshops

Publishing as Process
Introduction to bookbinding
Print jam
One page publishing
Risograph Printing
Posters, anarchist pamphlets and manifestos